The Secure Retirement Solution For Orlando FL

Protect Your Retirement Plan, Keep Financial Stability, and Protect Your Family.

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Are You Sure You Have Enough Money in Your Retirement Account to Retire Comfortably?

Are you 50+ and need to start building your retirement account so that you can retire before 70?

Many existing retirement plans are either losing money or are not robust enough to last during retirement.

In today’s climate, it’s crucial to find a solution that provides:

  • Protection against losses during market downturns.
  • Financial independence to choose the best investments to safely grow your accounts.
  • Long-term stability with guarantees against major losses due to any unforeseen events.
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Why Retirement Planning Is Vital

Failing to plan for a secure retirement can lead to financial insecurity, reduced quality of life, or unnecessary stress during your golden years.

Imagine outliving your savings, struggling to pay for healthcare and long-term care expenses, or being forced to rely on others for financial support.

You deserve a secure, stable, and comfortable retirement – but you need to take action now.

Introducing Your Secure Retirement Plan

Secure Retirement plans are a pension-protected account which focuses on asset preservation. We build this account for you using tax-free strategies that create your private assets.

This asset generates unlimited lifetime income and living benefits that allow you to retire comfortably and leave something behind to protect your family.

Some of the popular features of this alternative investment are:

Invest as much as you want into your retirement account with no investment amount or time restrictions.

Guaranteed consistent market downturn protection to maximize account growth even if the market crashes.

Lock in your account growth and never lose any principle on your account.

Full protection from suffering from loses in an unstable market.

Ability to start saving for retirement late in life and catch up and build a fully funded account so that you can retire on time.

Enjoy tax- free full access to your money 24/7 penalty-free withdrawals until you turn 59 ½ without a 10% early withdrawal penalty.

Are ready to get clarity how to build your Secure Retirement Plan?

If you are ready to enjoy a comfortable retirement and protect your family from unforeseen hardships after you’re gone, then click to book your complimentary Secure Retirement Color Of Money Analysis ($1,500 value) call right now to see if this is a right fit for you.

During our call, we will cover:

  • Personalized retirement planning advice tailored to your unique needs.
  • Discover how a Secure Retirement Plan protects your assets during market downturns.
  • Understand how you can harness the power of self-directed pensions to build a comfortable retirement.
  • See how a no-income floor can help you get massive results quickly.
  • Learn what the tax advantages of a secured retirement are and how you can use a Secured Retirement Plan to build a lifetime income and living benefits to support your golden years and protect your family after you’re gone. 
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What our clients have to say

Dale Wondisford has been a fabulous Agent.

He is always available, always helpful, always has an answer, and is very patient. I would recommend Dale to anyone! – Linda G.

I’ve worked with several insurance companies.

I’ve never had one that I felt had worked so diligent for me, until Dale. I couldn’t have higher praise for Dale and the hard work he has put in to get me the insurance I needed. – Harold W.

Dale is really helpful he will get you a answer to any questions you may have.

He always returns your call promptly. Dale is very knowledgeable about all types of insurance. Very friendly and no pressure tactics to buy. Would highly recommend Dale. – Richard H.

Meet Dale

Dale Wondisford, Insurance Specialist

Dale Wondisford has been helping hundreds of families across the country build their Secure Retirement Plans for the past 15+ years and counting. He also helps families save thousands a year with the best Medicare plans to cover all their medical needs without having to lose their doctor.

Start Your Retirement Plan Today With A Complimentary No-Obligation Secure Retirement Color of Money Risk Analysis ($1,500 value)

 What You Get

  • Financial overview
  • Color of money analysis
  • Social Security maximization
  • Retirement Compass
  • Allocation Roadmap
  • Analysis of current investments
  • Quotes for life insurance for long-term care
  • Action plan

Other advisers charge $1,500 for this, and we give it to you for free. Book your no-obligation Secure Retirement Plan Analysis call right now to check if you are on track to have enough saved so that you can retire comfortably without relying on family members for your living expenses and continue to protect your family once you are gone.